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Will we have to answer or do we have a free pass with the confession and absolution?

Christianity is one of the widely spread religion. It comes across with various concepts and beliefs and Jesus is considered to the one who sacrificed himself for the community of Christ people. Therefore Christians believe that Jesus has shed his blood in sacrifice and saved the rest of the followers. The followers of Jesus believe that he scarified himself and all of our sins are shed as of his blood. There are various reviews on the topic and many scholars have written a lot about this concept. But the question is that Jesus will be answering for our sin or will he not?

Before proceeding into religious aspect; one can witness the fact that even in social life one is held responsible for all his act of sin and h/she has to accountable for answering all the sins. If one is accused of murder case then the judicial/ police declare the sentence again that person and then the ultimate authority of the world is also there to make you accountable for all your sins.

God is perfect and when he create any human being h/she take births as an angle and free from all sins. Later on his life development h/she come across with various moral and social sins that are prohibited. If he is true follower then he will repent and will promise not to do this act again. There are some many contradictions over this issue and some believe that even on the Day of Judgment; they will not be questions and some believe that they have to go through some minor trial and question answer session. As per the Bible “God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins” (Colossians 2:13).

That is the reason followers believes that they don’t have to answer for their sins; until unless they are committed to the fear of God and practices of Jesus ad they don’t do any sin in their life. But the question is that how it is possible that a human being doesn’t commit any sin in the life and then h/she is forgiven without answering for the sin he committed. As the Bible says, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Another school of thought states that God is Pure and divine and by doing sin all of the people have committed the sin against God and for that Jesus will not be answering for our sin. In that case God has to punish the sinner, the Lawbreaker. If He didn't, then His law is not Law, for there is no law that is a law without a punishment. The sentence for breaking the Law of God is death and in other way it is the separation from God. Therefore, His forfeit to God the Father on our behalf is of never-ending value and is enough to purify all people from their sins and undo the offense to God.

Various schools of thoughts have various answers for this question but they state that one need to trust in Christ for his sins and mistakes. One also needs to realize that all of our sins are cleansed by Jesus but, if you continue to abide in sin, then God will not answer your prayers. But the saddest demise is that the Bible's message of judgment is not popular now days today, and churches are not preaching on this subject as well. In order to follow the path they need to read and understand the Bible and practices of Jesus as well.  

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