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This web portal was an idea I had over night after a discussion with my wife about our newborn. He is a baby angel - a real world one, with all the benefits it brings with it to have him in our midst. We live now together for mostly 15 years and we had ups and downs over time but right now it’s the best time of our live. Each evening when I go to sleep I ask myself how did I deserve to be so happy and I hope the world will stay the same after I wake up in the morning.

That was the beginning of my discussion with myself over angels and if they really exist or not. I’m a religious person and I got my share of religion in schools I attended, but I have no particular faith I believe in. I believe in god and in good and evil. And that’s in my opinion the common dominator of all religions of this world – if we ignore the radical ones that try to destroy the common way of living.

I live in a region of Europe where the refugee storm has been really strong and we have each day thousands of refugees coming through our small town. It is a time we have to ask ourselves each day what we should do and how we should react. It’s a decision I for myself decide on a one to one basis and is not always the same. Many of my friends and family are completely against refugees and many are completely for them – meaning to accept them in Europe. I for myself have spent some time with different types of them and I came to believe it’s not always the same. And that’s my opinion on faith. It’s not always the same and all people who believe in something are not the same!

I will try to answer for myself a few questions over time on this web portal and I hope you will enjoy reading it and will participate. This is not a blog and I don’t want to be one in time. This in a way of expressing myself and my thoughts and asking YOU as my reader to join and do the same. The main dominator of it should be faith and what you believe faith means for you and for your family and friends.

I will strictly ban any hateful or even unfriendly approach to this discussion. We all have our own believes and each of you is free to speak up and give me and the other readers a new angle of view. On this site exists freedom of religion and please respect that and try to understand each other and to place yourself in the position of each other before you judge someone. Only with this approach you will be able to understand the world as a One and the different religions, groups and opinions of each and every one who lives on it.

At the moment there are 5 main religions with more than 500 million followers (what a strange word I will share my thoughts on that one for sure) and 11 with at least 1 million followers. I can just hope each of them will be represented by at least one of their members and we will get to a point we all understand each and every one of them to the point we can say “ok I get the point”.

Let’s the discussion begin!

Founder of

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